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10 April 2019

Family villas in Mykonos

family villas in mykonos

The King of Villas offers a variety of choices for the families who seek to visit the island of Mykonos.

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Villa Panormos

First of all, someone can stay in one of our luxurious villas for rent in Mykonos. For example, Villa Panormos can accommodate 10 guests in 4 bedrooms for a daily rate of 2.957 euros per day. The villa enjoys the view of the famous Panormos bay while it includes two private saltwater infinity pools (20m2 each), sunbathing balconies and an outdoor Jacuzzi — it is the obvious choice for a memorable 5-star vacation in Mykonos.

the king of villas mykonos blog

Villa Amelia

Another choice for a family is Villa Amelia which can host 15 persons in 8 bedrooms for 3.600 euros per day. The building stands out in the surrounding landscape, ideally combining the stark clean lines of local architecture with premium refinement. Classy, elegant and functional at the same time, consisting of spacious living areas and terraces, it ensures individuality and privacy to its guests.

the king of villas mykonos blog

Villa Aphrodite

Another luxurious choice is Villa Aphrodite, which is a brand new luxurious villa made of 5 rooms in total all en suite, Air Conditioned with a View of the infinitive Aegean Blue, huge beds and amazing mattresses with private balconies at the front. The villa also includes a pool of 90m2 which is heated and the hit point is the underwater bar, which allows the guests to enjoy their cocktails in the water and of course to have fun and tranquility. The villa has 9 rooms which can accommodate 19 persons. Prices start from 2100 euros per day.

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Villa Natalie

Besides the high-end solutions, there are some alternatives given from “The King of Villas”. Those include the 159m2 Villa Natalie in Mykonos is ideal for families with children. The young ones will adore having dinner in the open plan sitting and dining kitchen area while watching their favorite movie. At the same time grownups will enjoy a starlit BBQ night at the spacious outdoor dining area, trying local delicacies. This is only for 850 euros per day.

the king of villas mykonos blog

Villa Luisa

For a similar price a family can choose Villa Luisa, which includes 2 double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms on the ground floor, a living area, a fully equipped open plan kitchen and a toilet in the entrance level and 2 master bedrooms with a sharing bathroom on the top floor, which offer a relaxing atmosphere.

Some of the luxury villas in Mykonos are found on ideal locations for those who are seeking a relaxing holiday in a quiet setting, while being conveniently near some of the most famous beaches, world-renowned restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Hence, the families can stay to a luxurious villa and at the same time to visit the town of Mykonos. Nonetheless, besides the popular town of Mykonos, Cavo Paradiso etc., someone can enjoy some of the less tourist but very attractive beaches which are scattered all over the island.

The fact that Mykonos is a popular destination does not mean that it cannot satisfy the needs of a family which seeks to enjoy quite and tranquil holidays. One example is Panormos, which is an excellent family beach just 15 minutes from the main town of Mykonos. The waters are shallow and the beach is windy, so the children can dive safely as you watch them from a distance.

Surely, Mykonos is an island which has many to offer to a family, especially by staying in one of the best villas in Mykonos.


the king of villas luxury villas and suites rental mykonos


the king of villas luxury villas and suites rental mykonos


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the king of villas luxury villas and suites rental mykonos


the king of villas luxury villas and suites rental mykonos