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2 December 2022

Mykonos Areas | Platis Gialos

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Platis Gialos is a bustling village and resort around the beach that bears the same name, a stretch of sand in a sheltered bay with seaside bars, taverns and seafood restaurants. Summer activities include sailing, windsurfing and parasailing in the Aegean Sea, while boat taxis head to more secluded beaches along the southern coast. Winding trails lead inland and climb to rocky lookouts and quiet spots with sunset views.


It is located on the south side of the island, at a distance of only 4.5 km from the town of Mykonos. The beach of Platy Gialos (it is the largest beach of the island), with its endless golden sand and many facilities, attracts lovers of water sports from every corner of the earth. This idyllic beach is also great for swimming, sunbathing, boating, fishing, and more. Photography is also a common activity at Platy Gialos beach and the surrounding islands of Mykonos, due to the islands’ natural beauty. You can reach famous beaches such as Super Paradise by car or boat from here, while towers from the Hellenistic or Roman times are preserved not far from the golden sandbars, as well as an underground reservoir built with granite stones. Here you can also see the ruins of three towers from the Hellenistic era at Leto, a sight to behold.

Where to stay

Wherever your gaze rests in Platis Gialos, a stark-white manor-like villa shall appear, resplendent with infinity pools and lush gardens, cozy sunbeds and private parking spot. One such magnificent resort is Villa Mary., a 7 double en-suite bedroom villa, residing within a two minute walk from Platis Gialos and within walking distance of Scorpios, Nammos, Kalua, Santanna, Soho House Rocs and Branco. From a private jacuzzi to access to secret, veiled beach, Vill Mary offers everything you could dream of a high profile accomodation.

Where to eat

You cannot go wrong with “Avli tou Thodori” (Theodore’s Garden), a by the sea local restaurant that offers scrumptious Mediterranean cuisine at affordable prices. Regarding seafood and fish, there is but one “king” in Platis Gialos, and his name is “Phos” (Light), a food venue bathed by natural sunlight, whose interior is fashioned after a marine yacht’s deck. Tastes, aromas, sounds and textures intermingle in a singular experience, an explosion of the senses. Finally, visit Thea Restaurant for a selection of fresh fish-related dishes and a serene environment that calls back to the traditional greek “tavernes”.

Where to have fun

Most bars and clubs are centered around the mykonian mainland, however, there is a plethora of restaurants and cafes in Platis Gialos that double as bars at evenings and nights. One such establishment is the luxury Blue Myth Restaurant, which, apart from high quality dishes at noon, offers excellent spirits and creative signature cocktails at dusk. Another such venue is Cafe Delicious, which serves invigorating caffeine-based beverages in the morning and bombastic cocktails at night, offering the best of both worlds inside a cozy yet artistically delicate environment.

What our guests say...

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Great Britain
Organising a holiday during the ever changing Covid restrictions was not easy but Apostolos and the villa owner were very flexible enabling it t...
Alex B.
Cardiff, UK
Villa Antigone exceeded me and my family's expectations and we could not have benn more pleased with the 2 weeks we spent in Greece. Giannis and...
Schmidt G.
Muenchen, Deutschland
Meine Familie hatte eine sehr schöne Urlaub in Mykonos, Griechenland. Die Villa, die Sonne und die Strande waren toll, und naturlich wollen wir ...
K. Karolides
New York, USA
I visited Mykonos a few months ago with a couple of friends and booked a villa through “The King of Villas” website. We could not have been more...
A. Robertson
Bristol, UK
The villa, the host and the services were all excellent. Eveyrything about the villa was perfect, the Greek sun and wonderful beaches were all w...
Charlotte N.
Nice, France
Pour la première fois, ma famille et moi avons visité Mykonos. Nous avons loué la villa Rosa, située dans le meilleur quartier de Mykonos  ...
A. Begum
Great hospitality by Apostolos who personally welcomed us at the airport and escorted us to our villa. He handled everything during our stay in ...
L. Rees
Visiting Mykonos for our family's summer vacation was something we were contemplating for a long time, so we are really glad that we made it thi...