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5 August 2023

Mykonos Areas | Tigani

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In Tigani (“pan” in Greek), you will experience the full effect of Alexander Dumas's shipwrecked man, since apart from a tiny, picturesque church on the edge of the rocks, there is practically nothing else between you and the grandiose magnificent of mother nature. Tigani is a mini-cove, with forced access from a dirt road, overlooking Tragonisi, ideal for private dives that will unveil to your eyes marine mysteries and wonders of the oceanic world.


Far from the crowds and culture, just 5 km from Ano Mera, Tigani is located on the eastern side of the island. There are no houses, only the natural beach and the caves. One of the most "wild" and lonely beaches of Mykonos, it is often chosen for boat parties, barbecues, and soul searching self-exiles.

On the northeast tip of Mykonos you will find the beaches of Pano and Kato Tigani. They are located 14 km away from Chora in the area of Profitis Ilias. Both Pano and Kato Tigani are secluded, surrounded by a rocky landscape with little vegetation and without any houses around. Their waters are blue, cold and crystal-clear, while their coast has coarse golden sand. Thanks to their secluded location, very few people visit them compared to the most popular beaches of Mykonos, such as Super Paradise, Paradise, and Elia, that attract thousands of tourists each year because of the parties that are organized in the local beach bars and clubs.

Where to stay

Rocky Tigani is home to one of the island’s hidden gems: the opulent, brand-new Villa Maira which is situated on the south-east part of the island of Mykonos. The mixture of authentic elements of Mykonian architecture with the prevailing strong blue colors of the sea and sky, lead to a perfect combination for guests. Private pool, private parking space, a spade amenities and extra activities in which you can engage - Villa Maria stretches her welcoming hands toward you.

Where to eat

Tigani is indeed a recluse, a location so well hidden and removed from the beating heart of a never-slumbering Mykonos that it does not have “dedicated” taverns and restaurants right on the spot. However, within a 10 minute drive you will encounter a plethora of different fooderies and bars to accommodate your tastes and cravings. “Odos Araxame”, for example, which translates to “Avenue Chill” is a (you guessed it) chill restaurant that deals in traditional cycladic recipes - here you will taste rich tzatziki with black olives and lemon, juicy chicken souvlaki melting on french fries and deep fried octopus, coupled with aromatic wines and strong ales. Restaurant Bar Beach Club Liasti is also close by, a neat establishment that serves a little bit of everything, and excels at all. Just a few steps within “Araxame”, you can enjoy finger-licking good burgers and hot dogs at Mantri Mykonian Resto, which takes pride in its meat preparation methods.

Where to have fun

For a night drink and some scrumptious appetizers, you will have to drive to Principote Mykonos, where you will soak in the summer ambiance of a vibrant cycladic night while sipping on your colorful cocktail.

What our guests say...

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New York, USA
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Bristol, UK
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Nice, France
Pour la première fois, ma famille et moi avons visité Mykonos. Nous avons loué la villa Rosa, située dans le meilleur quartier de Mykonos  ...
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Great hospitality by Apostolos who personally welcomed us at the airport and escorted us to our villa. He handled everything during our stay in ...
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