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2 September 2020

The renovated Airport in Mykonos

Mykonos new airport

The airport of Mykonos is getting a facelift by 2021 and becoming one of the most modern, innovative, and luxurious airports in the world!

Mykonos new airport

First of all, its main building is getting an expansion equal to two thousand square meters, which will be dedicated to the arrivals of all the visitors and tourists to the island of Mykonos.

Secondly, the main building will receive another expansion, this one dedicated to the departures from the island. To allow the visitors to commemorate the stay in the island, the departures side will also host a mall, where everyone can spend their time shopping or catching something to eat while they wait their plane to ready.

Following that, every part of the airport will receive an upgrade of its internal spaces, using the innovative view of some of the best Greek architectural minds and renovators. Naturally, this will lead to a complete improvement of the hygiene spaces for everyone!

Mykonos new airport

The renovation of the airport is so expansive that it is thought of as the “new” airport already. The list of upgrades goes on with the creation of new spaces, devoted to VIPs, as well as the installation of an automated luggage retrieval system for all passengers, which will utilize the latest technological innovations in the field to completely stop the waiting around for one’s luggage. Finally, the entirety of the entry and exit of the vehicles of the airport will be redesigned, towards the maximization of efficiency.

The overhaul of the airport has not faltered at all through the unfortunate events of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the JMK airport is considered an international airport which has taken and upholds all precautions against the pandemic, while the quarantine protocols are properly established, despite the island being 100% free from the virus.

Mykonos new airport

The project has a cost of approximately one billion euros, and will combine the latest architectural ideas with the traditional cyclades’ character. After it is unveiled, the airport of Mykonos will stand amongst the other airports as one of the most modern ones, something that it deserves, since it is one of the oldest and most prestigious airports in Greece.

The airport was founded in 1971 and it has gone through many small expansions due to logistics, which gradually overshadowed its initial character. It still retained its efficiency, having an annual visitor output of approximately one million people! The overhaul of the airport, by calculation, will be able to withstand two million visitors annually!

The airport’s total square space is over 13 thousand square meters, with every security precaution included, and can handle over two hundred flights (including departures, arrivals, and private flights), and will receive an additional twenty five million expenditure by Fraport AG, the German transportation giant with almost a hundred years of service in the field!

According to Fraport Greece manager, “We are particularly proud of the architectural design of the new airport, which combines the vision not only of the company but also of the local community, as this proposal is the result of discussions and open dialogue with them”. If you ask us, they have every right to be proud!

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