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13 October 2023

Mykonos Areas | Kastro

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A modern muse of culture, excessive nightlife, virgin natural vistas and luxurious villas - Mykonos is famous as an “earthbound paradise” in Greece, favored by celebrities from every corner of the globe. Apart from her sandy beaches and chic bars, however, Mykonos is also known for her history and mythos, a rich legacy steeped in heroism and battles, trading routes and ancient wonders of human artifice. Such one example is the Castle of Mykonos, which resides in the aptly named Kastro neighborhood.


The Castle of Mykonos is the oldest nucleus of the modern settlement of Chora. It was inhabited as a regular castle-fortress until the 17th century and its fortification consisted of the reinforced walls of the outer houses. It had three or four defensive turrets, of which today a small part of one is preserved at Panagia Paraportiani and another one to the south, next to Panagia Pryani. The Castle wall was essentially abandoned and the settlement spread in the era before the Greek revolution, when Mykonos experienced great economic growth.

Thus the Chora expanded to Barkia (Parikia), Matogiannia, Neochori (in the 19th and 20th centuries) and Limni.

Today the streets of the Castle, whitewashed and completely white, are among the most picturesque in the country and are flooded with visitors from every part of the world.

Where to stay

Kastro sits atop the lush hills near Ftelia, commanding a most exquisite view over the Mykonos’ Cycladic siblings of Syros, Naxos, Paros and Tinos. “Carved onto this hill is a collection of high profile luxury resorts, a series of vernacular marvels that coalesce modernity with comfort in the most seamless fashion. Villa Victoria is one such resort, boasting 11 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, 2 pools, 2 kitchens and a private jacuzzi, amongst other facilities, providing everything a villa of that standard should. Equally spacious but a bit more “adventurou”, is Villa Alexandra, a 2-master suite bedroom resort that is built within the naked mountainside. Featuring an 80m2 infinity pool, an extended sunbed pergola and white-washed rooms taken right from a fairytale book, Villa Antigone is a worthy contender for your stay in rustic Kastro. In the same vein, Villa Nafsika spans across 3 different levels and 8 rooms, covering a surmantouble 350m2 of internal places and 450m2 of outdoor areas. If being at the tallest hill of Mykonos and overlooking all neighboring isles sounds like a splendid way of life, then visit Villa Elizabeth, which lends herself for a 360^ view from each corner. Kastro’s selection of “princesses” and “queens” could not be complete without Villa Ariadne, a luxury resort that comes packed with 6 king-size en-suite bedrooms.

Where to eat

How about the namesake “Kastro’s restaurant”, a relaxing hangout with terrace by the sea, that serves high quality Mediterranean dishes and imaginative cocktails. If your heart “salivates” for some good ol’ fashioned Greek gyros, then have a snack at Castello Paranga Mykonos, a cozy fooderie that doubles down as a beach bar. Last but not least, completing the trio of “classy, street and homely”, “Stasi Diethnes” is a family business restaurant that specializes in those nostalgic recipes that will send your mind (and stomach) towards a trip down memory lane.

Where to have fun

Enjoying a cocktail right upon the golden sands is one of “Kastro’s Bar” main attractions - not its only strong point, however, as the spirit stock and cocktail menu is strong with this one. Of course, no list of Kastro’s places to enjoy oneself could be complete without 180º Sunset-Bar Mykonos, a tranquil hangout overlooking the sea that specializes in international dishes, such as burgers and seafood.

What our guests say...

Natalie Teltscher
Great Britain
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Paul Topley
Great Britain
Organising a holiday during the ever changing Covid restrictions was not easy but Apostolos and the villa owner were very flexible enabling it t...
Alex B.
Cardiff, UK
Villa Antigone exceeded me and my family's expectations and we could not have benn more pleased with the 2 weeks we spent in Greece. Giannis and...
Schmidt G.
Muenchen, Deutschland
Meine Familie hatte eine sehr schöne Urlaub in Mykonos, Griechenland. Die Villa, die Sonne und die Strande waren toll, und naturlich wollen wir ...
K. Karolides
New York, USA
I visited Mykonos a few months ago with a couple of friends and booked a villa through “The King of Villas” website. We could not have been more...
A. Robertson
Bristol, UK
The villa, the host and the services were all excellent. Eveyrything about the villa was perfect, the Greek sun and wonderful beaches were all w...
Charlotte N.
Nice, France
Pour la première fois, ma famille et moi avons visité Mykonos. Nous avons loué la villa Rosa, située dans le meilleur quartier de Mykonos  ...
A. Begum
Great hospitality by Apostolos who personally welcomed us at the airport and escorted us to our villa. He handled everything during our stay in ...
L. Rees
Visiting Mykonos for our family's summer vacation was something we were contemplating for a long time, so we are really glad that we made it thi...